First step in a long journey

Turning seventy, I discovered, has a few downsides including lower income, tendency to scan through obituaries, and eating oatmeal for breakfast instead of gorging on greasy sausages and eggs.  But it also has its upsides. I now have the time to devote to unleashing pent up creative energies.  Pent up over the years of squeezing myself into crowded trains bound for Tokyo to get to work on time.  Another upside of crossing the border of the big 70 is I no longer have to write ego pumping, chest thumping descriptions About Me. I’m a guy who’s made choices and who’s learned to live with the consequences. Successes? Many. Disappointments? Ah, yes I’ve had a few. Regrets?  “. . . but too few to mention.”

Want to learn more about me? Well, stay posted.8001 Kermit Smiling

One thought on “First step in a long journey

  1. Kermit, I notice in your photo on Linked-in or whatever the site is that you are wearing a Carmel sweatshirt. As I recall, your brother lives there and that from time to time you go there to visit. I often go to San Jose and San Francisco. Next trip you plan to carmel, what say you give me a timely heads-up so we can meet out there on the West Coast? I am now fully retired with a working wife to support my travels. Or, if you get back this way please stay Chez Gibson. 🙂 Cheers, Dick


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