Yokohama Sketches

 Yokohama  Sketches chronicles the lives and events of  two long-term Yokohama residents. Kermit Carvell (hey, that’s me!) and George Okuhara-Caswell (that’s my dearest friend!) Sometimes madcap. Sometimes dramatic. Sometimes serious and sometimes heart-rendering. But always entertaining and informative. Yokohama Sketches opens the theater curtains on a stage richly populated with engaging characters who live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

A little information about me. I live in a small apartment in Yokohama within a ten-minute walk to Yokohama Station. To anyone who will listen, I tell them I am a writer and videographer. In reality, I am a man sliding into his seventh decade of life. Retired and living alone, I spend my days puttering around the apartment, writing, editing, or keeping up with the lives of my children and their families. So I have a lot of activities to entertain myself.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t spend ALL day talking to myself. I make it a point to vary my activities. One of my favorites is talking walks.

Stay happy, stay positive.